Well what a morning! With 1,100km in front of us today, getting up at 4am was essential. Still in the dark with the stars out, we pulled down and packed up our tents. Bacon and eggs for breakfast at 5am and by 6am we were on the bus ready to go.

Leaving Barkley Homestead, we headed east for the NT/QLD border. With a quick photo stop at the border, we were on the bus again heading into cattle country. Another toilet stop and a quick morning tea, back on the bus we celebrated the Gold Plate Award Winners and had our morning aerobics class. A game of speed monkey and a few other games kept us busy till lunch where we stopped at Winton.

Buritos for lunch was a hit with us all and a game of trap cricket kept us active till we took our seats on the bus for the remaining 530km. A few more games, a movie and a toilet stop saw us arriving at our destination – Longreach.

We got in about 7:30pm and worked well together to set up camp and tuck into dinner and dessert. With thousands of stars in the sky, those who did not want to take refuge in the tents, braved the elements and took their beds under the stars!