The regional NSW bus whilst quiet on the blog have certainly been having an action packed time! We arrived home last night, and loved sleeping in our own beds again. Ahhhh.

Picking up from our last blog post, we left Port Augusta and spent some time exploring Coober Pedy. Our tour guide Tanya, a local aboriginal woman, was just so funny and welcoming, sharing her local knowledge of Coober Pedy and the mining culture with us.
Our longest day on the bus got us to Uluru!!! We were very excited to finally arrive and not be stuck on the bus for hours and hours! The base Camp team welcomed us into Yulara and we were welcomed to Anangu country by Aunty Alison and placed our handprint on the pilgrims banner.
We found the Mala walk significant, learning about different Tjurkapa (law/dreaming) and the different stories that are special to this place. We also visited the Mutijulu waterhole, and later Kata Tjuta. There is so much to see and learn from out here!
One of our most special interactions was being able to play soccer with some of the older Anangu kids at the community festival on Saturday afternoon, and sharing in the water ceremony with our new pilgrim friends. Giving and receiving water back to one another – in a symbol of choosing to do better in our interactions with Aboriginal Australians, and with one another.
Our trip home we hiked it back to Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, then Mildura.
There is lots to reflect upon, and our stories are just beginning. We are excited to put our learning into practise in our everyday lives. Palya. :)