Pilgrims QT3

The Sunshine Coast half of the equation.


Ah, every Pilgrimage has an Odd Couple. When two states work together to create some sort of Frankenstein’s Monsteresque creation that can’t possibly work… But it always does! Through love and co-operation.

This year Tasmania has joined forces with Queensland. An odd pairing with hilarious consequences – will there be fights over whether to have the bus air-conditioned or heated? Or how to pronounce ‘dance’? Oh what japes!

Actually they seem to be getting along fine. Let’s check in, shall we!

After setting off and getting to know each other, QldTas (there’s gotta be a better nickname than that) went deep underground at Broken Hill at the Daydream Mine. For many it was something they’d never done before, and they got to look pretty hardcore while doing it.

Pilgrims QT2

Underground fashion is the most avant garde of all the fashions.

After exploring the mine, we got to build stuff! Sturdy stuff with solid building materials! Well, colourful straws.

Pilgrims QT4

Not bad ladies, not bad.

Pilgrims QT1

And the winning tower, which was too tall for this photo.

Group 1 took home the challenge, and many kids proved that they are engineers at heart.

From here we travel to Port Augusta. Getting one step closer to the Rock!