Pack up of tents and gear was completed in record time as we get into the rhythm of living in the outdoors. We started the day with a trip to the Tandanya Cultural Centre, where we learnt a little more about the Aboriginal way of life and their culture, which included a great performance on the didgeridoo.

After a quick tour of Adelaide we headed to a nearby park where we played some awesome games and had a picnic-style lunch. It wasn’t long before the high rise buildings of Adelaide gave way to the flat, dry plains in the country. We managed to be entertained by some fantastic bus aerobics that got the whole bus grooving to the tunes, and we watched the powerful movie, ‘Remember the Titans’.

Again we split into small groups for our journaling time, where we learned and reflected about the first white Australians and the Currency Lads and Lasses. So here we are in Port Augusta, staying in a caravan park with two other buses on the Pilgrimage to Uluru. Tomorrow we head up to Coober Pedy, where we will learn a bit about opal mining and will get to stay in rooms that are underground!
Keeping energised with some action games

Under a wind turbine blade