Day 8 – Sunday
Today saw the Pilgrims greet the day with a dawn service to acknowledge the journey we have been on, and farewell new friends before pack down and the trip home to all parts of the country begins.

A cruisy bus day gave us the opportunity to reflect on our days at Uluru. We talked about Nyuyuni (new-yoo-nee), the Pitjantjatjara word representing the power of community, people coming together who are real with each other. Nyuyuni takes time, like a slowing burning fire. Providing good coals for warmth, cooking and light. Aboriginal communities need this for life. We have begun to understand.

One of our stops today took us to the Kulgera Gallery. Our young people have all been really engaged with with Aboriginal art so this was a particularly special time. Rob spoke to us about how and why different artists represent their stories. The Anangu peoples art looks down to the ground, where their tropical northern brothers and sisters look across. We learnt that this form of expression began in the 1970’s. How lucky are we they share stories in this way.

Everyone was very excited to purchase artwork as a constant reminder of where we have been and Jo our amazing bus driver is helping make connections here with a new community. AMAZING!

Our home for the night was Marla. A movie before bed – ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ again – by popular demand!!!

Day 9 – Monday

Today we traveled from Marla to Port Augusta. After dinner we had some special visitors – Lavine, Jason and Dre.
This was an opportunity to ask our Aboriginal friends anything. We talked about racism, education and health. We talked about the past and our collective hope for the future.

Our pilgrims, our young people, the future of this country are amazing. They are frustrated by what they see but they are full of compassion. Our country will be in good hands.