Today we experienced grief, sadness, welcoming, hope, reconciliation and friendship.


Leaving Coorong was bittersweet, Auntie Ellen came to farewell us, but not before taking Pilgrims Zoe and Jade back into the museum for a last look at some special woven items and pictures. Saying goodbye to Auntie came at a cost. We look forward to see you again Auntie.

Our bus ride started with some fun and creative games – you would be amazed at the bridges you can build with just straws and sticky tape, One even include the Mona Lisa!

After lunch it was time to discover more of our country’s history. We watched Rabbit Proof Fence, devastated that beautiful children were taken from loving mothers. A sad history that still harbors deep wounds. Though watching this true story of a resilient, smart, determined 14 year old girl, Molly, who took great risks to put family first amazed us, despite our tears we could see the profound strength in individuals to care for this culture.


There is no way to describe the beauty of our evening. We arrive at Congress Church Port Augusta where the Dusty Feet Mob had spent all day preparing a cook up for us. Dusty Feet Mob is an Aboriginal dance crew birthed by a dream to connect young people with their culture – the founder Wanita is a pioneer and visionary, local elders have got around this dream and now Dusty Feet is a loving community that travel the country sharing culture through dance.

With Kangaroo tail cooked underground,  Kangaroo stew and a huge spread of curries, rice, chicken, backed potatoes and more! It wasn’t long before the Queensland Pilgrims arrived too, we all hung out together playing footy, having a yarn and a feed.Vic5

With full bellies we gathered in the hall to experience the Dusty Feet Mob, each dance gave us shivers. In particular the Dance to Archie Roache’s Took the Children Away, about the stolen generation. The visual of this dance pierced our hearts.


Zoe 16 – It was such an emotional experience, especially as we had just seen Rabbit Proof Fence on the bus. Then seeing the dance, there were tears in my eyes. It was so special, it hurt and was amazing at the same time. I loved that they are not giving up.

Jamie 16 – It felt so inclusive, we were playing with kids, everyone was inviting us to join in. Even when they have been through so much, it was like a real community!

Thank you Dusty Feet – your generosity and friendship collided with the deep sorrow of hearing the history of this country, we will never be the same.