Our Pilgrims commit to a range of challenges to assist them to fully embrace the Pilgrimage to Uluru, here is one Pilgrim’s experience:

I’m Joshua Charters and this is my experience of not having my phone with me for almost two weeks. Initially I felt angry and frustrated as I was unable to listen to my music.

However, as I reflect on my experience, I realised that spending time without technology has enabled me to have more conversations with people. I believe that it allowed me to learn more from this pilgrimage and helped me stay tuned with reality. I highly recommend to everyone in this pilgrimage to try and have a break from technology. My experience so far has been profound and fulfilling and I have reason to believe my momentary separation from technology has played a significant part in it.

Joshua is looking forward to continue his growth in leadership to help other young people within Fusion’s work and other communities he is involved with. We are excited to see where his future will take him.