We woke up to the noise of the bush, kangaroos grazing around our tents, birds of every description singing the day in. 

After a walk through the bush we headed back to Brambuk where PK taught us how to play the didgeridoo! You must know, we are pretty good at it! Well some of us. Well, put it this way –  there was a lot of laughing involved. PK also shared with us elements of his culture including tools and language. Before we headed off we got to taste a range of bush tucker! We ate emu, kangaroo, wattle seed mud cake and lemon myrtle scones! Yum!

Eventually it was time to push on. The bus is full of fun! we created the most incredible bridges from one chair to the next with paddle pop sticks and paper cups! We also heard about the currency kids, how they were care for by the First Nations Peoples of Botany Bay – this story of courageous caring inspired us to recognise a new type of hero.

The weather did turn as we arrived at our camp ground, we looked out the bus window to sideways rain! – Oh no! In a couple of minutes and  few prayers we came up with a new plan to watch a movie on the bus and wait for a dry moment to pitch our tents – as drove the few hundred feet to the camp ground – would you believe the sun came out and we put our tents up in the sunshine! The pilgrim way is fraught with perils and blessings ;)