Our day 4 Blog is brought to you by Hope, Madi and Jarod H

The trip so far has been filled with laughter, bonding, exhilaration and new experiences. As we see the soil get redder during the journey to Uluru, we also see our friendships evolving and the creation of a trusting community.

The growth of friendships and bonds between one another is like no other and we couldn’t imagine the trip with anyone else. Learning about the concept of the aboriginal culture is such an eye opener and every experience allows us to understand and spread more knowledge which is crucial for the growth of society and the future to come.

We are so grateful for the providers of this camp that insures we are well fed, safely transported and supported throughout this journey, without them we wouldn’t be where we are now.

We can’t wait for the next week of more laughter, bonding, experiences and knowledge around our evolved community.