Today our pilgrims landed in Coober Pedy! And it looks like Mars!!!

Would you believe everyone is getting quite tired, despite having a sleep-in at Kulgara – in cabins! So when we arrived at Coober Pedy and took part in the town tour, it was really hard not to giggle our way through the experience. It was really interesting though, we saw inside houses that are underground, saw how opals are prepared and even visited an underground church! That night we spent the night in an underground bunkhouse, we were just so happy to be in beds J

Before we headed of to bed we sat ontop of a mine and talked about all the experiences we have had up till now – how we have been changed by them. Then we affirmed each other – wanting to make sure everyone knows how they have grown and what potential they have. It is fair to say everyone has huge potential and it is very exciting!