After the very successful festival and concert many pilgrims from the eight buses from around the nation chose to move into an all night prayer vigil where they shared highlights of the day and what they hope for – for their families and their lives from this point on. They prayed for each other and for the future of the country and the Anangu in this area.

Over 350 pilgrims packed up then at the crack of dawn and headed off on their buses to stand on a red sand hill outside of the resort watching the sun rise with Uluru and Kata Tjujta in the background – a very special time for many. Young people were asked if they wanted to be serious about making a difference in the world. Many pilgrims did not want to go home and found the weekend life changing.

After waving goodbye to 8 buses, base camp celebrated with a large breakfast and took time to rest before the big pack up begins tomorrow. Four days of packing up the marquee, camp kitchen and accommodation. Many farewells and thank you’s to be done as we work now towards leaving early Friday morning.

Stay tuned to this site for many comments and pics from the weekend, it does not stop here!

All night prayer vigilPilgrims watch the sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjutu at the dawn serviceSome of the base camp team getting some rest!