Today we said goodbye to Uluru and all the new friends we’ve made over the weekend spent together. It was a funny mixture of sadness to say goodbye, anticipation of all that’s still to come and eagerness to be back on our own again – the WA mob trekking through the desert together again.

We may have changed our minds slightly after the first few hours of loose gravel and fine dust that had us at a top speed of about 50km per hour… but we’re back in WA now and looking forward to smoother travelling to Mt Margaret tomorrow and a big community barbecue!
But for tonight, we got to enjoy another incredible feed from the ever-enthusiastic Jocelyn and some space to sit and talk about the way our perspective has shifted over this trip so far. We grappled with all that we’ve learned of traditional Aboriginal culture; some of the atrocities of early colonisation and the impact that still has today; and what that means for us now – pilgrims seeking to change the future together.