Hallelujah! We are headed to Perth and then home. It was a wet start to the day with rain as we packed up our gear for the last time. Lots of lost gear today so name and shame was quite big!

Pilgrims - WA15
Our final bus aerobics with many adventures and past moves and grooves, Mentos moments that went forever with numerous acts of thoughrfulness mentioned. Name and shame as property once lost was found.

Lots of conversation and sharing of memories as we did reflection time. The boys are writing a Rap song about our trip away. Can’t wait to hear it.

Pilgrims - WA14
After a very encouraging affirmation time on the bus, we arrived safely in Perth at 3pm. Saying goodbye to our new found friends had a range of emotions with laughter, smiles, hugs and some tears.

We waved bye to our home for the last 3 days the bus and our legend bus drivers.

Pilgrims - WA13
Ellenbrooke students went home with parents and Strath kids settles in for a stay in Perth warmly hosted by Ellenbrooke Christian College. Thank you Mrs Murray, Principal and staff.