Did you know it’s still dark with stars in the sky at 5am in April? Some of our pilgrims didn’t, but they soon found out!

The first of many early starts went off without a hitch and our amazing pilgrims were even ready to hit the road EARLY! It was a day of firsts: the first session of Bus Aerobics with Crawford – who made up for his lack of coordination with his irresistible enthusiasm – our first bus games with Izaak and Joel, first full day of driving and first night setting up and sleeping in tents. And our first community connection!

We headed to the Laverton Youth Centre straight off the bus and were warmly welcomed by local kids, teens and youth workers. We shared a really special afternoon playing footy and basketball, learning how to use diabolos and spinning plates, painting faces, blowing bubbles and making new friends.

After all of that (and not to mention another delicious feast), our Pilgrims were more than ready for an early night after our Small Group Reflection – and keen to do it all again tomorrow!