Unfortunately, we can’t share any photos with you of what we got up to last night because we made a whole lot of new friends whose photos we don’t have permission to share.

But picture this: It’s dark. We can’t see a lot except some streetlights up ahead and are following the torches of our guides up ahead, trusting they know the way. We’ve been asked to keep quiet on our walk in because there’s Sorry Business happening at the moment. As we get closer we start to hear dogs barking and children’s voices.

We’re excited, but maybe a little bit nervous – most of us haven’t visited a remote Aboriginal Community before and we’re honoured by the opportunity but not entirely sure what to expect. The voices get louder as we round the bend to the school and then it’s lights, camera action! It seems like all the local kids are here to welcome us with big, white smiles and friendly, grasping hands.

There’s music, there’s footy, there’s face painting and balloons. There are piggy back rides and shoulder rides and backflips. It’s chaotic and it’s so so special. We spent a good few hours running around with our new friends and were sad when it came time to say goodbye.

Thanks Warburton for a beautiful welcome to your world and your community! We were so honoured to be invited into your space and your faces and your friendliness will be in our hearts and minds for a long time to come