Day 3


Up with the birds again and this time it was a rooster that just loved the sound of his own crow! Thanks Mr Rooster. Pack up tents, breakfast with some funny stories about tent antics and board the bus to Warburton. Bus aerobics was particularly stretchy as Soku and Sophie lead us through the mezmerising moves! You guys rock!


Jordan introduced more great bus games, and Chinese whispers certainly lived up to its name as tangle tales were reinterpreted! The pilgrims are coming together as a group and appreciating each other more and more, their talents, abilities and weird little ways. Stephanie has challenged us to take discussion to a deeper level and respect the space we are in and respect each others opinions in slap group time. It amazes me how 3 hours on a bus can feel like 30minutes! I think it is in no small way due to expert drivers. the desert scenes are whirring past and the landscape changes in small but distinct ways. On arrival in Warburton the welcoming sound of the gate opening to our campsite was a relief. Set up camp and then ssome shopping at the local roadhouse shop. Although a limited selection of snacks and groceries, it was enouh for a tasty snack and particularly an ice cream! And yes Kobi there is noodles!

After an amazing honey mustard chicken dish we rallied to talk about the community at Warburton. Once we had the low down we walked out with our festival gear to the local oval. A passionate and friendly Buchanan if kids who mobbed around to partake in the fun and frolicking! There was a stage set up and it was not long before a dance competition began and the moves were busted out.


The face painting took on a whole new level when Isobella a local girl took to the brush. Are teeth meant to be painted?
Stilts were popular and diablos stayed diabolical! It was terrific to connect with a local teacher, parents and all the kids with there miles of smiles. The way our pilgrims played, danced and challenged the kids in the community warmed my heart. One pilgrim put her body in the lineĀ  piggy backing, giving shoulder rides and other various acrobatic antics with the local girls.
With sadness we said goodbye and the walk home was quiet but playful, some even tried blind walking, trusting others to guide them.


Day 4


We set our sights on Docker River today! We were refreshed from a sleep in and no roosters but some really friendly peacocks!
The routine of rest time, bus aerobics, games and some small group time is comforting. In particular toady the song time game challenged the groups and the ‘Clackers’ took it out with help from Charles the quintessential performer and Laura the amateur opera singer! Well done Clackers. As the scenery changed to include the ranges running parallel with our travels, so too did the pilgrims attitude toward each other. They have started to gel as a group and see the little quirks of each others personality. We had a toilet and shop stop in Warakuna where we refuelled mostly with hot chips cooked fresh from the kitchen. The next stop was so exciting for some as we crossed the border into NT! We had hit the red sand!


Our journey then took us to Docker River camp ground. This place was a true outback camping experience with camp fire, bush dunny and wildlife! The imported wildlife decided to get closer to nature and have a roll in the dirt, embodiments of true red sand people!

The camp fire was popular as always and Kobi helped us search for fire wood and tended the fire throughtout the night. This was to be the focus point of story telling. First Jordan shared a little of his life. Then pilgrims, lead by Stephanie and Jessie, were given a space to share some intimate stories in their lives. It was a time with laughing, crying, anguish, joy and tears, a healing and growing time that offered a deeper understanding of our fellow Pilgrims and how God is big enough to handle the things that weight us down.

Some hot chocolate and marshmellows preceeded a restful sleep.

Day 5

Sleep in, Yesssss! Beaut breakfast to start the day by the fire side, no less! All pilgrims excited to see Uluru today as we reach our goal.

Before we get there we have to negotiate some really rough road, lucky we have magnificent bus drivers in Pete and Hillsy!
Oh some excitement as we pass wild brumbies on the road, this is particularly exciting for Jessica our horsegirl.
Everyone is asleep or resting or colouring in and all is studdery with the world.

Bus aerobics just gets better and Sony and Anisi make us all fitter and allow the endorphins to be released!

Kata Tjuta came up on the horizonĀ and just got bigger and bigger until we were able to walk along the Walpa Gorge.


Quite a welcome at Yulara as we came into the campsite, from the people at Basecamp!