Our last leg together as a group and we board the bus at Norseman after sleeping in the community church.

The feeling is excited but sombre. The pilgrims are still buzzing. We travel about 30 km out of Norseman and a wheel on the trailer was completely ripped off and the the trailer was dragged on the axle. With some temporary fix by our awesome bus drivers and Dude we limped back to Norseman. The mechanics then set about with repairs while the pilgrims walked to a nearby shady park. We had fun on play equipment, kicking the footy, grass wrestling Jordan and a feisty game of duck, duck goose!


Jocelyn feed us on chocolate cake and cordial. Some of our more athletic pilgrims flipped, cart wheeled and performed other various aerial acrobatics on the soft grass!

Once back on the bus we resumed the morning routine of rest time, bus aerobics and reclaiming lost property. Today we then added a dance party on the bus. It was eclectic as Dude DJ’d the party. Smiles all round!

We ended our final day on the bus with a time of affirmation of each pilgrim and wow, this was absolutely filled with positive encouragements for each person. Such a special beautiful time.


Arriving Perth at 8pm in darkness to family, that were happy to see there members that had been away, was also very special. Ellenbrook  and some Strathalbyn pilgrims went home to their own beds and family.

It was a teary farewell for the pilgrims and leaders. The bus with our Fusion leaders and Ephraim pulled away and the Strathalbyn pilgrims settled down for dinner and a sleep out at Ellenbrook Christian College. The gym mats made a comfy bed after our previous paper thin mattresses.

Our pilgrimage was over and now we look back with great memories and go forward with changed hearts.  We hope and pray to make a positive influence on our future. Thanks Fusion and all others who have added to our knowledge and experiences.
Know the past to change the future!