A really early rise, pack up tents and bus and see the sunrise from one of the look outs around Uluru.
Gemma from Mornington Peninsula shared her story, very real and moving as she shared how God had offered her a better and more beautiful way of looking at life. This added to our spiritual pilgrimage.
Our route home has changed due to rain near Warburton. We are travelling along the Stuart Highway to Port Augusta then turning right and taking the Nullarbor home to Perth.

Pilgrims - WA2
Coober Pedy was our first stop and we went for a tour of the town. The land of underground dwellers! Where everyone is in search of the little gemstone (or not so little) opal. With a flash of color and a tour of an opal mine we came to understand what life would be like as a mole.
Sleeping underground topped off this experience and gave relief to the back with luxurious mattresses! A real treat!
Highlight of this night was our share time which started with meaningful moments then ended with everyone in stitches as people related funny moments we had shared on camp. The endorphins were released and we all went to bed with smiles on our face.

Pilgrims - WA1