For some photos from our Big Weekend, click here and here.

Day 9


We finish off today at a school in Ceduna and are so greatful to these wonderful folk for a safe classroom to sleep in and showers to freshen up in. Today was s big bus day with resting, reading , bus aerobics lead by our fearsome leader Steph as she took us through some koala dreaming moves, it was intense and lead into a dance party on the bus. So much fun!


Some fun games with Jordan and some sleep!

Some lunch at Port Augusta with some great views.

A sacred time where pilgrims discussed sitting on the fence or helping to bring understanding and love to a situations of conflict.

We had to stop just outside of Ceduna with fuel problems on the bus. Andrew from Ceduna rescued us by bringing diesel to refill the bus and get us to town.

Pizza was bought and the pilgrims were pleased to partake in the delicious offerings. It also gave Jocelyn our cook some time off.


Games and stacks on to finish the night and to bed for our next big day of travel.


Day 10


Norseman is where we rest our head tonight after a long day on the bus. Rest time was gooooood and most people were out to it! It never ceases to amaze me how people sleep on a bus in various positions. We traveled round Australia with Jo today for our bus aerobics and the cane toad of Queensland was interesting to do.


Stephanie showed us a hard hitting documentary called New Generation and the pilgrims could once again contemplate how we can know the past to change the future. There was some good discussion about how even in our time there is laws that bias one particular cultural groups. This lead onto a challenge about how we can act as ambassadors for justice.

Then after another amazing dinner from Jocelyn we had a foot washing ceremony that made us reflect on how Jesus washes the disciples feet as a sign of servanthood. Pilgrims were given the opportunity to wash feet and to have their feet washed. This was an intimate moment for some pilgrims!


Looking ahead now to our last day.