Up before the birds, breakfast and bus…we really missed packing tents down… NOT!

Waved goodbye to Coober Pedy and headed to Ceduna via Port Augusta.

Bus day with aerobics run by Andrew our bus driver to Black and White by Michael Jackson. Moves like the neck stratch and belly button point were interesting to say the least!

Lunch just North of Port Augusta yum! With lots and lots of rest then talking, laughing, reading, games and back to resting.

Arrived at Ceduna about 5.30pm and were able to stay at the Christian school there, such generous people. We set up mattresses in the assembly hall, had tea with soup, chops and sausages. Feed the man meat!

Played a game of speed charades! So fun with lots of laughter and squeals! Well done to the Desert Ranglers who won the night, with deft moves and gestures.

We settled for sleep and were dozing off into dreaming when the shrill, piercing scream of the security alarm went off and we had to evacuate into the cold court yard until the security guard came to disarm. Bit of excitement for the night and not happy campers…grrrr. Thankfully the security guard was quick to come and warm sleeping bags were soon full.of tired bodies again.