The day has finally come. Today we will be visiting the site we have travelled 5 days to seeā€¦ Uluru!

We began our morning with our first hot breakfast. Our cook Nathanael and the girls helped cook up a bacon and egg feast for the whole team. Once we had finished we loaded into the buses and drove to Uluru.

Once we arrived, our guide Kate, who would take us on what, is known as the Mala walk through Uluru, greeted us. There we learnt of some stories on how the Aboriginal people lived, ceremonies they held at the rock, how some of the different formations came to be and we took some time to reflect at the Kuntju Gorge. Everyone was silent during this time and wrote down how they felt while in such a sacred place, through the use of words, poem and song.

Once we had finished, we headed to the cultural centre to learn some interesting facts on the language, native animals and fauna and the importance of Tjukurpa.

We then headed back to our campsite to hang out, have some lunch and prepare for the festival in the afternoon. We offered henna and photo booth services and had so much fun. To find out more about the purpose of the festival, check out here.

The water ceremony was also held this afternoon, this reflective space was an opportunity to move towards reconciliation and starting again on the right foot.
Anangu elders gave water to our Aboriginal Pilgrims, who then shared that water.

To finish the night, we sat in a circle and took the time to affirm one another. This was a great moment to hear everyone positively affirm others. We were all relaxed and ready for bed with our hearts filled with the positive words that were shared. Tomorrow we will be visiting another sacred site.